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Key dimensions and no. of layers

Unique number

Click on the PDF link to open the original feature sheet from the excavation. See here for details.

These four columns are links to feature drawings - the first two to hand-drawn versions, second two to traced versions (if there are any).

The Cat column tells you the general feature type. 1= Posthole, 2=Pit or depression, 3=Layer, 4=Hearth, 5=Ditch, 6=Wall or rampart, 7=Sacred Slab, 0=Natural

Cutting location

Description. This is often a summary of what’s written on the actual sheet

Precise location within the cutting (in metres from SW corner)

These columns show the relationships between this feature and others in the area.

Don’t worry about anything beyond here - it just makes the rest work.

The details of features found in each cutting can be seen in a table like this. There are links to the original documents, if we have them.

The feature schedule