Supervisor notebooks

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What’s in the archive

Supervisor notebooks contain the contemporaneous notes made during the excavations. There is usually one book per supervisor covering a single season, although occasionally they were carried over to the following year. For this reason some cuttings have two or more books covering different seasons. Many of the books were then typed up and the drawings traced, providing a fair copy. Both the handwritten and typed versions have been added to the archive as albums of individual pages, so it is possible to turn the pages or select specific parts to study.

Throughout the excavation, the exact contents of the notebooks varied. In the seasons up to 1975 they were the key recording device, including all the feature sheets and drawings, which makes them large documents. Most books include useful sketches of cuttings showing how features emerged during digging, and lots have daily notes of tasks undertaken and comments on finds. Later seasons include feature stratigraphy diagrams.

At present, there are some gaps in the supervisor notes available. They are mostly complete up to 1978. From 1983 onwards there are some gaps. Efforts are under way to add these documents in due course.

You can access the supervisor notes from the buttons at the bottom of the relevant cutting page.