Crickley was the site of perhaps 15 separate periods of human activity, dating back at least to 3700BC with some evidence back as far as perhaps 8,000BC. The scale of the excavations at the site have allowed the reconstruction of much of this history. As an introduction to this archive, here is a short summary of what we have worked out about the site.

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The archaeology of Crickley Hill

Alternatively, there is a video made during the period of excavation which explains the site.

The first Neolithic settlement, the Causewayed Enclosure - 3700BC

The second Neolithic settlement, and the battle - 3550BC

The cairn, Long Mound and Sacred Circle - about 2000BC

The first Iron Age hillfort - 700BC

The second Iron Age hillfort - 500BC

The post-Roman settlements - 420AD

For a quick introduction to the site in photos, you can get a good overview of each area of the site and how we excavated it in pictures

There are six major periods of activity. You can read a short summary of each through, and then follow links to see the key parts of each in photographs from the excavation: